WM       Winwood Mckenzie


Quarry House

Quarry House is a shared vision between client and architect to respectfully renovate the clients existing workers cottage in Northcote into an architect designed, three-bedroom family home. With high-level design ambitions, the home was designed to function as a warm and comfortable family home with a depth of character connected to a series of courtyard gardens.

The client had an interest in honest architecture and mid-century modern design. Their tastes are reflected in the extension with a strong combination of natural materials – concrete, masonry and local spotted gum define the living, kitchen and multi-purpose room.

High ceilings create a design for spacious modern living, while retaining the modest grandeur of the heritage character from the existing portion of the house. Existing spaces are refurbished respectfully to retain the heritage character with new functional additions. The existing house contains the two bedrooms and presents a Victorian façade to the street with a new tiled veranda to refurbish the existing heritage character.

The selection of raw materials and direct connection to private garden courts create an inner-city oasis defined by architectural living areas. A concrete kitchen island rises from the concrete floor to create the new hearth of the home for a growing family, while the floor-to-ceiling double-glazed windows and doors surround the courtyard but protect the interior from Melbourne’s inclement weather. This improved the sustainability performance while allowing for the clients desired indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Location: Wurundjeri Willum | Northcote

Type: Renovation

Year:  2020 – 2022

Team: Thom Mckenzie, Catalina Edey, Jake Nancarrow