WM       Winwood Mckenzie


Elm House

Elm House is the renovation of an 1858 townhouse in South Yarra.  The project focuses on providing amenity on the modest site with an extension that shares the company of the garden and large elm tree. Relieving the pressure on the spaces of the home with a new bathroom, bike storage, walk-in robe and ensuite for the family of four.

The desired outcome of the renovation was to address the constraints of the site and existing heritage building whilst respecting the large elm tree and unique character of the heritage home.
The extension to the rear of the home accommodates a large family kitchen, meals and lounge area that faces the backyard and receives ample light throughout the day. A series of sliding doors enables the addition to open and extend out into the garden.

The formal front rooms maintain their character and spatial quality.  Through an alteration to an existing opening, a connection to the new kitchen and backyard is created.

These improvements were designed to increase the lifetime of the home, address the need for versatile spaces and potential use by future occupants.

Location: Boonwurrung

Type: House Renovation

Year:  2022 –

Team: Simon Sawyer, Thom Mckenzie, Catalina Edey