WM       Winwood Mckenzie



A hotel project in Bali that explores the relationship of architecture to its place and landscape.  A careful consideration of building in a place with deep cultural heritage and values.

The hotel is designed to give the guests a unique experience associated with the special qualities of Bali and Balinese culture. Creating a temporal community of guests from around the world brings them together to share the experience of Melali. The long accommodation buildings and a central communal building bring together traditional concepts and materials with a contemporary design language to create a welcoming, relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

In Balinese architecture, the position and orientation of the inhabitant in space is an embodiment of local concepts of the cosmos. These principles influence the layout of a dwelling, temple and village. The dwelling compound is seen as a microcosm stratified into heaven, earth and the underworld. Balinese dwelling compounds (pekarangen) of houses (kuren) provide separate domains for sleeping, cooking, working and rituals, while simultaneously offering protection from the surrounding wilderness and a connection to complex systems of beliefs and nature. In-between these oppositions of high against low, north against south, past against future, is the intermediate sphere of this world, the present.

The use of a limited palette of natural and local materials contributes to a strong connection to the Balinese landscape and traditional buildings. They allow the local craftsmanship to be celebrated and emulate the atmosphere of traditional buildings.

Project Status: Under construction

Location: Bali

Type: New Build Hotel

Year:  2020 –

Team: Thom Mckenzie, Alberto Caddeo, Catalina Edey