WM       Winwood Mckenzie


Armadale House

Alterations and additions to an existing Victorian Residence. A series of sensitive insertions into the existing built fabric and a new addition to suit the clients growing family needs now and into the future.

The additions are a contemporary progression of the original built form rather than a contrasting form, building on the idea of the historical present.  A focused attention to detail creates new elements that express the craft and material expression of the original.

A simple rectilinear form was arrived at as an economical solution, allowing for the improvement of the existing built fabric and improving the thermal performance of the new structure as well as providing a rich interior. A primary goal of the project was to renovate and update the building services without detrimentally impacting the heritage values of the place.

Location: Wurundjeri

Type: Heritage Renovation

Year:  2020 – 2022

Team: Thom Mckenzie, Jake Nancarrow, Micah Carganilla, Catalina Edey