WM       Winwood Mckenzie


Chewton Residence

Chewton is a new home for a young couple who have moved away from Melbourne and wish to raise their future family in rural Victoria.  The client sought a sanctuary in a beautiful location that would facilitate a meaningful lifestyle centred around family, local community, and landscape.

Given the transitional period of their lives, the clients were interested in an adaptable home. Despite its modest size the house can host various living arrangements that will occur over time.  With a desire to feel connected to the surrounding landscape, views from the living, kitchen and courtyard open out beyond the site to crown land, inspiring a sense of belonging.  This sweeping experience of the landscape is complemented elsewhere in more private spaces by windows with curated views of the immediate landscape.

With a focus on sustainability, the home is designed with the local climate and materials in mind – creating a comfortable home to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Location: Jaara Country

Type: Housing

Year:  2021 –

Team: James Cosgrave, Thom Mckenzie, Micah Carganilla