WM       Winwood Mckenzie


Brunswick House

Renovation projects provide the opportunity to reimagine a residence so it represents the lives and values of the owner. It provides an opportunity to create a built manifestation and realisation of a personal way of living.

The new living and study spaces are spaces that simultaneously create a cosy refuge and an open outdoor shelter that connects the living spaces to the native garden. The spaces are configured to allow both modes of living, one insular, protected and focused on the fireplace and study; the second open to the fresh air, abundant light and vegetation of the garden. The duality of the space gives the project a complex richness where two seemingly contradictory and incompatible qualities of space are condensed into a single enriching experience.

The design of the extension transforms the language of the existing house into a new language; becoming part of the new house whilst defining its own character. In doing so enhancing the character and experience of both. The scale of the rooms, custom designed ornate plaster ceiling and durable natural materials reinterpret the details and qualities of spaces within the existing house.

Brunswick House was a finalist at the Architeam Awards 2019 in the Residential Alterations & Additions category.

Location: Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Country

Type: Alterations and additions

Year:  2017 – 2018

Team: Thom Mckenzie, Libby Espie, Adam Roggero