Courtyard HOUsE




Located on a street populated by attached terrace houses, the existing house contained a quiet calm that is impenetrable from the street. A sense of peacefulness was heightened at the secluded private back garden where acoustic intimacy and presence of landscape emulated qualities of being in a park. Embracing this existing condition and the nearby parkland, the design of the new extension was imagined around two courtyards.

Within the clear demarcation of the side boundaries, the two courtyards redefine the rear of the house as two pavilion-like volumes dwelling in between the landscape of the voids and the back garden. This divides the extension into three sections, of bathroom, living and kitchen, separated by the courtyards while attached to a western corridor that connects all programmes.

Sliding doors can open up or stay closed for desired level of privacy, or to create alternative routes to move around. < to further state enhanced daylight, ventilation, visual connection etc >   

photography: Ben Hosking