Wilson Must Go, 2016, is a seven-channel video installation by Candice Breitz. 

The work is presented in two spaces.  In the first space, reminiscent of a small cinema, the interviews of six individuals who have fled their countries are performed by Hollywood Actors Alec Baldwin and Julianne Moore.  Within the second space, that can only be reached by moving through the first, the original interviews with Sarah Mardini, who escaped war-torn Syria; José Maria João, a former child soldier from Angola; Mamy Maloba Langa, a survivor from the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Shabeena Saveri, an Indian transgender activist; Luis Nava Molero, a political dissident from Venezuela; and Farah Abdi Mohamed, a young atheist from Somalia are presented on an arc of individual screens.  Each screen has a small bench and headphones creating an individual space for the full length interviews.

photography: Tom Ross




wilson must go