The Cabinet house is a conceptual weekend retreat designed with the same attention to detail and functionality as a finely crafted cabinet. The construction of the Cabinet house is based on traditional solid timber construction using reclaimed timber boards that have an existing patina. The hand crafted construction techniques and expression of tradition create sense of calm and timelessness and a durability that will absorb the marks of use enriching the atmosphere of the spaces.

The large north-facing lead light windows will reflect and fragment the natural environment and increase the sense of enclosure whilst providing a strong connection to the changing weather and seasons outside.

Designed to be off-grid, the Cabinet house is an exploration of the potential of new and existing technologies and techniques to be used to create a self-sustainable living environment.

Locally sourced materials and a relationship to bush walking huts found in the Australian Alps emphasise the contextual relationship and evocation of memory and past experience. The result is a sublime space for retreat and relaxation from the city.